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Xandra Ballieu Bobbin lace teacher and designer Lace Centre Bruges

What inspired you to become a bobbin lace artist?

I started making lace when I was seven years old. My grandmother inspired me. She made lace, and my grandfather designed the patterns for her. I wanted to learn how to do it too.

When I was older, I took a lot of classes and summer courses in the Lace Centre Bruges, and I also learned to design lace. In 2007 I followed the three-year teacher training in Bruges.

Since 2008 I teach all kinds of classes in the Lace Centre. I also give beginners courses. I have published a lot of lace designs in “Kant,” the Lace magazine of the Lace Centre. I also participated in the World Lace Exhibition, “Living Lace” in Bruges.

Xandra Ballieu | Lace Magazine "1001 dentellières" Xandra Ballieu | Lace Magazine "Lace in Flanders"

Who was your lace teacher?

My first lace teacher was Chantal Ferrier at the Lace Centre Bruges. A whole new world opened for me, and I was very excited to learn more and more. My teacher gave me the possibility to learn designing lace.

Xandra Ballieu | Needle Lace Design

How has bobbin lace changed you as a person?

Bobbin lace completely changed my life: I could create something so beautiful and delicate. Lace is a significant part of my life: making and designing lace is my passion. The most beautiful thing is that someone is making my designs and enjoying it.

Xandra Ballieu | Torchon Lace

Is there another bobbin lace artist/person who inspires you in your work?

Anne-Marie Verbeke- Billiet, also a lace teacher at the Lace Centre inspired me too. I took many classes with her learning Binche. I was amazed by her designs and the ease of drawing Binche designs.

Xandra Ballieu Flanders Lace

Are you trying to convey a message with your art? If so, what is it?

I try to make wearable lace. Nowadays people want to show what they have made. I also design lace jewels. I want to show, especially to young people, that lacemaking is not a forgotten craft. Everyone can make lace, with a lot of practice.

What pieces do you find most enjoyable to make?

I love to make and design pieces with a variety of stitches. This makes the piece even more challenging to make.

What patterns/techniques do you find most challenging

I only make the patterns that I design myself, and I love to create and design all the laces with continuous threads such as Torchon lace, Flanders lace, Tule lace, Valenciennes lace, Paris lace, ...

What is, is your current project?

My current project is a big piece of Torchon lace that I designed.

What piece of advice would you give to artists new to bobbin lace?

I would like to advise them to follow their heart and this way they will find what they want to design. Learn as many lace techniques as possible, and you will find a way to combine all those beautiful techniques and make something really beautiful and special.

Xandra Ballieu

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