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Caroline Le Calvar and her lace world

If I had to describe Caroline's work in a simple sentence, I would use two words: Tender beauty. Her work radiates something very fragile and something very poetic at the same time. To see her work is like watching snowflakes to dance.

Did you notice that behind each Lace is a very unique story?

Let's hear Caroline's life path to the lace world.

When I was 12, I spent every Saturday afternoon at the house of my mom's friend Huguette who taught Lace at the Lace teaching center in Le Puy en Velay ( Auvergne). Lace was her life, and she was passing her knowledge and love for Lace everywhere where she could. She was my first tutor.

Then my life took a different path, and for 20 years, I did not make any lace at all.

15 years ago, my parents moved to a different location, and you know how it is when people are moving. They are going through everything, deciding what to keep and what not...etc.

And it was time when my Lacemaking supplies came back to my life. First, I was afraid that I had forgotten everything. I felt uneasy when I took the first time after so many years of bobbins to my hands. But to my surprise, I did not forget anything. All movement came back to me naturally. But I felt that I had so much more to learn. I started to study many books and searched the internet for ideas and lectures. My aim was to create modern contemporary jewels.

Besides Huguette, I did not have any other teachers. With her, I attended several bobbin lace workshops during the school holidays. I treasure those moments very much.

I find inspiration for my work in nature. I love to spend a lot of time observing small details in nature. Did you catch a spider weaving its web, the refinement of insects, the shape of a leaf, the tree silhouette in the winter, or the impact of rain on the body of the lake?

Lace is just a perfect medium for me to describe, to transfer those moments, to express this subtle delicateness. Also, I am inspired by graphic design, illustration, and engraving. I am taken by those clean lines, which define the atmosphere, shape. Lines can talk, jump or grapple. In my work, I use the thread as lines. I work primarily with light grey, white or black colors. This way, I can create a strong contrast, which I love so much in graphic technique. This contrast allows me to express delicacy.

But I would like to tell you more about the world of insects which is in a way very fascinating. I started my work with insects and spiders after I saw spiders weave their webs. I made several webs trying to work precisely like them. Then, I became interested in their shape, in the subtle details of their bodies.

Considering its refinement and transparency, the use of Lace seemed to be perfect for showing their beauty and fragility. I was very inspired by entomology engravings to make my insects and spiders.

I design my patterns in simple drawings, and I improvise during actual work. When drawing patterns for my jewelry, I must be more meticulous, my patterns are more elaborate, and I write technical data sheets in order to be able to reproduce them identically.

From other lace artists, I admire Pierre Fouché. I discovered his work on Pinterest. The first minute I saw his works, I was totally taken by his unconventional way and his artistic approach. I admire how he weaves emotions into his work. In my eyes, he is an exceptional lace artist. And recently, I found a very inspiring Lace done by Helena Holeczyova.

I make Lace to please my need for artistic creation. I do not have a specific goal. It is most important to have inner peace, and expressing myself through the Lace is my way of finding inner serenity. My next project is going to be to create three-dimensional shapes...

I participate in different art events and exhibitions in my area. But mainly, I connect with people through social media. My first online experience of social networking was Pinterest. On this platform, I discovered the worldwide diversity of bobbin lace, inspiring the creativity of lacemakers. I learned a lot from this interaction. I also use Facebook and Instagram to promote my lace jewelry. It is a useful platform to advertise artwork, connect with other artists, and get feedback and inspiration. I was astonished at how active the lace community is on Instagram. I also found it very useful Etsy, where I sell my artworks. The internet, social media, and online gallery will play a more significant role in artists' lives.

I am also considering selling patterns of my jewels through my Etsy shop. I am still working on this.

In the past I have been giving bobbin lace lessons, I like that very much. But at the present time, I do not have any pupils.

I really appreciate all craftsmanship skills, especially thread-related (such as sewing, embroidery, weaving). I'm moved by the beauty of handcrafted objects. I love their uniqueness and sometimes even their imperfections. When I look at an old lace, I see some minor differences; these imperfections are full of emotions for me. They tell me about the human being behind this work.

I particularly appreciate the bobbin lace technique because it requires a lot of time and attention. I like the slowness of the work. It's a simple and, at the same time, terribly complex technique that offers a lot of artistic possibilities.

I hope you are not scared of spiders and ants and, if you are, that you find those made by Calorine adorable. You can follow Caroline on the links below.


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