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'Men Making Lace' An Organization Showcasing Men's Contribution to Bobbin Lace

It is not just the name of our article. It is the name of the arising group on Facebook. When anyone says lace, usually they would picture lady with bobbins, with a needle. But not too many people would picture a man making lace. And there are many men, whose interest is in making lace.

I think this group is so interesting it deserves more people to know about them. Therefore I contacted a person who established this group and asked him some questions. What is the main idea behind establishing this group?

Matej Pisca | Slovakian Lace Maker

My main idea was to show the general public that not only women can create lace, but also that men are making interesting pieces and are very good at this subject. For some time, I have been playing with this idea of establishing some organization, some group to promote and introduce men making lace to the world, to make us known to the public. Our group on Facebook is not a public group, but the goal of this is to introduce our members to the world. Every week we publish work done by a different man. I established this page in 2019, and very quickly, it caught the attention. The page now is followed by now by 1200 people. I think it is an excellent outcome. Our group has 60 members from all over the world. Let me name a few countries: Slovakia, Hungry, Australia, South Korea, Belgium, Denmark, USA, Croatia, England ….

This is very exciting to know that men all over the world are making lace. Take a look at our page. I am positive you will like what we are doing. The main goal, as I said already, is to make known that there are many men making laces. People in our group want the world to know that men can make lace, and he is as good as a women. Two years ago I came with a proposal that we should organize Men making lace festivals and each year we should meet in a different location.

This year Men Making Lace festival will take place at the Estonian capital Tallinn. In Tallinn, we will present not just modern lace but also our traditional lace. This event will run one week after the OIDFA festival. I would like to kindly invite you all to come and join us for this event. For me, a significant moment was to meet Igor Beros from Croatia. His interest in lace from Krakovany was inspiring for me so much that it pushed me to my activity in Men making lace group.

It is significant for every lace maker, for every artist in different fields, to meet other artists with the same interest. It boosts your creativity, your enthusiasm, and at the same time, you are an inspiration to others. This is the way how something new can be born.

Besides my activities with our group, I am teaching bobbin lace at elementary school in Krakovany. My interest is not just only in bobbin lace, but I love to explore and make needle lace, mesh lace, and tatting. I would say all lace techniques are fascinating to me. I firmly believe that every lacemaker is making something beautiful, something unique, and by creating this fragile beauty, we make our world better. We all should join the effort and create a wonderful lace world around us.

You can keep up to date with Men Making Lace on Facebook.

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