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Life with Lace - Frida Schmit Belgian Bobbin Lace Maker & Teacher

Bobbin lace became part of my life 46 years ago. I was 21, and I saw an advertisement for bobbin lace lessons. I thought I must try this. After the first lesson I was so excited, my enthusiasm was contagious. For the next lesson my 2 sisters joined the class also. Then our mother could not resist. We had a lot of fun learning to make lace together. We would help each other. It brought us closer to each other. Bobbin lace became part of my life, and now it runs in my blood.

Bobbin Lace Scene by Frida Schmit

I was a single mother and making lace was not just a hobby, but it helped me to earn my living. I learned traditional bobbin lace with very fine linen thread.

Later I discovered Lace Express magazine which featured color lace. I was drawn to this, and my first work in colors was a dragon. Lately, my eyes are not so good I can not work with fine thread anymore. Therefore I am using thicker material.

I love to make a mix of traditional and modern lace. I do not design my own patterns. Instead, I transfer embroidery patterns to bobbin lace technique. Picture of Bird I took from Burda.

I have a lot of books with embroidery patterns which I am using to create my work.

I love to see a combination of bobbin lace with different techniques. I admire those artists. But I can not do it. It is not my cup of tea. I am afraid that I am a little bit "antique" to experience with lace.

For several years I had been a teacher, and I had a lot of students, young and older people But I quit after 30 years, and now I am doing volunteer work in a rest home every two weeks. I like it very much, there are nine ladies, and it's a very pleasant group. I enjoy tutoring them. , Everyone creates what they want.

When somebody wants to learn to make bobbin lace, I always tell them: Be patient, once your desire to through lace pillow away is over, then fun time begins.

I exhibited my work mostly at craft exhibitions. Usually twice a year. During those venues, most people signed for my classes. I always had a lot of fun while teaching, but when my three years old grandson wants to help me, my heart melts.

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