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Katarína Búranová Slovakian Lace Maker

During our interviews, we have introduced you to lacemakers and lace artists from different parts of the world. This time we will stop in Slovakia.

Slovakia is a small country, with a rich history, and culture. Of course, lace making was always part of local culture and folklore. For that reason, this is no miracle that bobbin lace still has an important role in modern times.

I would like to introduce to you Katarína Buranova. Her artistic approach toward bobbin lace is very inspiring, Katarina likes to experiment, combining bobbin lace with different materials, paintings, photographs, and also ceramic.

Would you like to learn about Katarina's world? Yes?

OK, then we should let her tell us her story.

My life story with the lace started many years ago when I studied lace making at the art school in Bratislava. We had learned many different lace-making techniques. Yes, this was very interesting; every technique was offering something new, something different, something unique.

I liked all of them, it was a fascinating world, but the sound of clicking bobbins became the song of my soul.

We did not learn only the craft part of each technique; we also learned how to make our own patterns and designs. And this is the most interesting part when my soul could sing my song. This was the moment when I became Me. After finishing school, I stayed for many years in Bratislava, where I thought bobbin lace. I also became a contributor to the craft magazine Dorka. Then my life took a different turn, and I almost forgot that I know how to make bobbin lace.

Around the year 1990, I relocated to different Slovak town Žilina. This change brought me back to bobbin lace, and my life became bobbin lace. I started to organize a bobbin lace club, Gracia. I felt an inner urge to do something which would help people to appreciate bobbin lace, something that this beautiful technique will be alive for other generations and will not be forgotten. For me bobbin lace story is a never-ending story because we always can push our boundaries, we always can learn something new, we always can discover something new. We always can find a way how to express our self, how to bring harmony to our world.

Our modern times are very hectic and making bobbin lace will slow your mind, will teach you patience, and being appreciative of the present moment.

At least for me, the time when I am making bobbin lace is a time when I meet my inner self, when discovering something that I can not experience when I am in a rush. Making bobbin lace for me is interaction, I always let bobbin lace to tell me it's story and I following the inner lead.

I love to experiment with combining bobbin lace with paintings, photographs. It is very interesting, and for me, fascinating, how to lace when combined with photography, is changing the original story of the picture and giving it a new dimension.

When I make lace combination with the painting, usually I start with the lace, and then I work on the painting. I am using acrylic paint, which allows me to use rich colors. From time to time, I would choose to work first in the painting and then on the lace.

I am a very emotional person, and for me, it is very important to reflect on my work my feelings, I find inspirations in daily moments, sometimes I am inspired by the flight of the bird. His wings movement is creating beautiful lines, sky, and clouds. This is the moment when new lace is growing in my mind. I have to take a pencil and start to draw pictures from which later new lace seeing is born. Sometimes I am inspired by ecological, political issues; sometimes, my inspiration would be a story from the book which I read.

But I also use a design based on local, regional folklore and lace which could be used in clothing, jewelry..wired lace...

Since I moved to Žilina, I can not imagine one day without clicking sound of my bobbins.

During the years I exhibited my work in many countries, I attended many festivals but most satisfying for me is when I see that people who come to learn lace find the same joy in this process of creative creation as I do.

Did you find Katarina's story fascinating? Do you have temptations to try something new? Yes, this is her nature to inspire people around her.

Katarina's way of expressing her self is unique, especially when she combines lace with paintings. She is putting rich, dynamic colors in strong contrast with tender lace. The result is a fascinating story that will take you in. Also, her way of working with photography has an imprint of her poetic soul. Fine lines, creating fascinating movement, taking you deeper into the story of the picture. All hard work is full of motion. You can get a feeling of mixing energy.

Even motives which first occurs to be static are filled with moving energy.

You can learn more about Katarina and her work on her site.

Katarina Buranova Slovakian Bobbin Lace Artist

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