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How Bobbin Lace Bobbins are Born Bobbins by Rosova Czech Republic

Did you ever ask your self how a bobbin is made? Are you curious? Then we should ask the expert.

Dana Rosova. Let's hear her story.

15 years ago, I learned to make bobbin lace.

At the same time, my husband and I had a woodworking shop. We manufactured parts for furniture, we loved to work with wood. Later I lost my husband and have been forced to let my employees go.

Now I was alone and did not know what to do. I started to learn how to work with wood myself. Yes, it was a challenging time. It is not easy to work with machines, to cut wood, etc.

Bobbin Lace Bobbin Lathe | Bobbins by Dana Rosova

But I learned how to do it. My love for making bobbin lace stayed with me during my hard times. I joined the lace club. And because in the club there was a demand for bobbins I started to make them. I love to make bobbins. It is a difficult task, but I make them with love because I know that they will always find lovely hands, which will make something beautiful with them. Something that will enrich our world, make the world better, will bring joy.

Are you curious how is bobbin born? Ok, I will tell you all about it. I am working mostly with oak wood. When I have some pieces which would be good for bobbins, I will save them.

Wood planks for bobbin making | Bobbins by Dana Rosova

I cut wooden beams into smaller parts. There are many different varieties of bobbins, and each of them has a different measurement. It has a different thickness; some of them are longer some shorter. I need the prices of wood to be cut for those measurements.

Bobbin Doles ready to be made into Bobbins | Rosova

When I have enough material, I will start to work on bobbins. After determining the shape of the mallet, I set the copying unit, sharpen the knife into the lathe, set the lathe, adjust the diameters (measure several times with a ruler), and start turning, copying. The mallet is still in the lathe after grinding with abrasive cloth.

Sanding down the bobbins | Bobbins by Rosova

After that, I will gently paint it with bee wax, which rubs the abrasive sponge into the mallet and polishes it. Then I remove it and will prepare it for the next step after turning on the mallet, and the grip ends remain to be cut. After cutting off the ends of the mallet, I grind the mallet faces on the grinding wheel. Then I take the mallet once more in my hand and grind the edge of my forehead with a sanding canvas.

Sanded down Bobbin | Bobbins by Rosova

This is how the mallet is made, or the mallet is a skirt. The skirt is made similarly. I cut the French fries, cut it. I drill holes in both sides of the skirt, one larger. I set the lathe, copy, grind, and polish. Then I put off, and the skirt is waiting for her mallet Everything is done. I have a good feeling of a well-done job. Newborn bobbins are waiting for their new owner. I will put them to the boxes, and now they are ready to be shipped.

Bobbin Lace Bobbins ready to make lace | Bobbins by Dana Rosova

Bobbin Lace | Dana Rosova

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