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Ekatrina Russian Bobbin Lace Teacher

I was introduced to the basics of bobbin lace-making in high school during after-school classes. At that time, I did not know anything about this kind of art and agreed to study to make my teacher happy. I did not have a deep desire to learn this technique.

These classes were not mandatory, and very few people wanted to attend them voluntarily. I studied physics, history, languages. I was learning something extra after school was my hobby. I had a dream to become a clothing designer now I'm glad that didn't happen.

Ekatrina | Russian Bobbin Lace Artist | @vil7472 on instagram

I fell in love with lace the process of making lace is so fascinating, it is like solving a puzzle. Almost immediately, I began to draw my own designs. It was much more fun than to work on somebody else designs. I could express my self in my personality this way, to be an artist.

After high school, I stopped making bobbin.lace for a while I got back to this technique during my study at the art institute. Where my major was crafts and handicrafts, so mastering the technique of lace-making came in handy. Art education was essential for my own designs.

I work in a very creative environment. In my team, there are many artists, musicians, choreographers - it is very inspiring. It gives me wings. I can fly, and new ideas come to me naturally. It is the spirit of a group of artistic people working together. Every time it is different - it's like a flash. I'm still searching for my style, trying new materials and techniques. It is a constant experiment. My works are mostly paintings. I like the large format.

Ekatrina | Russian Bobbin Lace Artist | @vil7472 on instagram

Therefore it consumes a lot of time to create one piece. .From design, working on lace till finished products, it takes 1-2 years. Currently, I teach bobbin lace at university. Unfortunately, we have only four months of class. It is not enough time to master this beautiful and delicate technique. Not everyone student copes with this kind of art, but when they do it, it really makes me happy.

Ekatrina | Russian Bobbin Lace Artist | @vil7472 on instagram

In addition to bobbin lace-making, I also work in other techniques: weaving, embroidery, ceramics, even wood carving, and fusing glass. But lace is love for the rest of my life.

Ekatrina | Russian Bobbin Lace Artist | @vil7472 on instagram

And my advice to people who would like to learn bobbin lace :

Lace is a very interesting kind of art that is not too late to start learning at any age. Do not be afraid of apparent complexity. You have to try, and you will immediately know if it is yours or not. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of touching this beautiful art.

Ekatrina | @vil7472 on instagram

Ekatrina | @vil7472 on instagram

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