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Bobbin Lace Chose Me ‘The Story of textile artist Lydie Chamaret’

Ten years ago, I studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, where I was introduced by Yole Davaux to the art of tapestry.

I did not like this technique at all. I was driven by the idea of creating sculptures, but I could see the possibility of using tapestry to achieve my dream.

But Yoly Devaux also knew the basics of bobbin lace technique, and she showed me how to work with bobbins, and most importantly, she did let me explore this technique further she encouraged me to experiment with this technique.

Bobbin lace is working with thread. With this technique, you are creating your own fabric. This I never have done before in my other works. When I was introduced to this technique, I immediately imagined the possibility of creating space.

This technique was exactly what I needed. I would say that this technique chose me. It is so unique, it takes a lot of effort to finish it, but also it is a form of meditation, it brings me a well being.

My artistic approach is based on the body or rather on the anatomy ( human, animal, vegetable ) also on the garment, the envelope, the soft sculpture. I am fascinating to create volume out of flat shapes.

Primarily I am creating my lace sculptures with brass or copper wire (0.25 mm)

This wire allows me to creates shapes, structures, I do not have to use starch, because wire will hold its shape.

Currently, I am working on a piece of lace, which is 1x1.5 m. It is time-consuming, working with wire takes a lot of patience. It is a totally different feeling than working with regular thread. But I can play more, and I can create a sculpture. I am not working only with flat surfaces but with dimensions.

During my stay in Belgium, I created a sculpture named Tacchio; it took me six months to finish it, the inspiration for this piece was turkey, actually anatomy of turkey and also I used inspiration from the plants. When we look round us, we can always find something that can inspire us to create a piece of art.

Currently, I am not teaching classes, but in the near future, I would love to pass on my experience with other people.

What would I tell people who want to start to learn bobbin lace? Oh well, be patient, do not get discouraged, use your imagination, go beyond established rules.

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