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‘A P-lace Together,’ A virtual lace Atelier during Coronavirus

'A P-lace together,' A virtual lace atelier during Coronavirus'

How do I participate in 'A P-Lace together'? To participate, you must register on the FB-page' Kantcentrum' in the 'A P-Lace together' group. All patterns and technical drawings are available on the page of this FB group, in the section 'Files'. Every Wednesday, until July 1st, a new design will be posted on this FB-page. Suitable THREADS are: Linen 80/2, Egyptian cotton 36/2, DMC fil à Dentelles nr 80 or Fil au Chinois ALL THREADS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE ONLINE STORE OF THE LACE CENTRE ON THIS SITE. See: HISTORY OF THE PROJECT 'A P-LACE TOGETHER'

When we were all locked down in March because of the coronavirus's pandemic, the Bruges' Lace Centre and Museum were obliged to cancel its courses and close the daily ateliers. Many of our lacemakers felt the loss, as the daily atelier was, for many, 'a P-lace together' - a place where people worked hard, enjoyed themselves and motivated each other. We're proud of the work they and others had produced. Suddenly it wasn't there anymore. At that moment, our lace teacher Xandra Ballieu had the brilliant idea of starting a 'virtual atelier,' 'A P-lace together', a project in which every lace lover from anywhere in the world could take part. Through her Facebook group, she invited everyone to work a piece of bobbin lace based on one of her designs, which she made available free of charge.

Pattern by Xandra Ballieu ‘A P-Lace together’

The Kantcentrum immediately worked with her and announced the initiative on its website, 'Newsletter, and FB-page in a new group created for the occasion: 'A P-lace together.' In a few weeks, the group had over 1,000 members. The idea was to offer a pattern to work each week, as long as these difficult times last, so that everyone could continue their craft and hobby at home.

After Xandra launched her second pattern, we also received plenty of reactions from our other lace teachers wanting to support this appealing initiative, who also set to work. This meant that we quickly had a lovely series1 of brand new patterns in reserve, thanks to Saskja Snauwaert, Veerle Meerschaut, Mieke Keeven, Lieve Pollet, Geneviève Leplat, Ingrid Casier, Katelijne Debaene, Suzanna van Nes, Sophie Poppe, Christiane Blokken and Annick Wils. The result surpassed all expectations. We have had feedback from all over the world: congratulations for the idea, technical and other questions and orders for supplies, and lots of photographs on the FB page of the pieces of lace in many colors. Once we had announced that we were planning to organize a small exhibition of all this work when times were better, many people started to send their pieces of lace to the Kantcentrum. It warmed everyone's heart to see how an initiative like this created a bond and comfort in this world-wide, virtual lace atelier.

Pattern by Xandra Ballieu ‘A P-Lace together’ Second Pattern

In the meantime, the project has been an overwhelming success. On May 1st 2020, we registered the 1500th participant, and on May 14th 2020, the 2000th participant. On June 11th, the project had 2,345 registered participants. On June 25th, we had 2,540 members. The 16th pattern was published on June 24th. The 17th and final pattern will be posted on July 1st, 2020. Each pattern has a pricking, a technical drawing, and a description; these are all in the 'Files' block at the top of the FB page. This page will continue to exist. Anyone who wants to can still register as a member and make the strips. Publishing patterns and pricks outside the FB page is strictly prohibited; the authors' copyright protects all designs. We ask everyone to respect this strictly. EXHIBITION: August 10th until December 31st 2020 The exhibition will start in the Bruges' Lace Centre on August 10th and will last until the end of the year 2020. PLEASE NOTE: for participation at the exhibition, send -LATEST JULY 10TH- your lacework(s) to 'Kantcentrum Brugge', Balstraat 16, 8000 Brugge, Belgium with a label with your name, address, and e-mail. If you would like your lace back afterward, add a non-stamped cover with your name and address on it. The Lace Centre will send it back. Many thanks in advance for your participation.

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