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Lace World of Marian Nuñez

Marian is a young lace artist, and I found her lace expression very interesting.

All her works are carrying statements. Her lace is very expressional and strong. I think you will find her work inspiring.

Let's have Marian talk about her work.

My life with lace began when I was 11 years old. I was introduced to bobbin lace by my mom. My mother worked in haute couture in Paris, with Andres Courreges, since then she has taught me the delicacy of weaving and to understand textile art. But at the time of my youth. I did not like it at all, my mind was set on painting, drawing, and mostly I wanted to express my self through the watercolor. When I was 19 years old, my life path took me to France to the school of Le Puy in Velay. Where I studied and attended courses on lace-making and design. This was the second time when bobbin lace crossed my life.

Working in the advertising industry, I was introduced to the work of Jana Novak, her work inspired me and brought me back to lace making. This time I developed a passion for bobbin lace. I found a way how to express my self through this technique. I discovered that bobbin lace is alive, with this technique people can create very diverse work, from miniature (Pearl Rossalina, duchess ) to unthinkable murals (Pierre Fouche - fence).

Jana Novak became my tutor, but not only her; I took courses with other lace artists: Lauran Sundin and recently with Pierre Fouche. But a very special person, who means a lot to me is Angharad Rixon, she always believed in me, she was giving me strength and inspiration. Thanks to her, I met a lot of wonderful people from the world of lace.

I find inspiration for my artwork in pop art, street art, urban art. There are many artists who inspire me. Now I would say the strongest inspiration for me are Marion Peck and her husband, Mark Ryden. And also, the work of Colin Christian is very inspiring.

By my profession, I am a graphic designer. I tell a story with just a few elements. I have to tell you a quick story. I believe in artivism. I think the right way how to change the world is through art. This is the reason why in each of my artwork there is a message which I want to tell the world which I want to share with people. It is my poetic way of expressing my concerns, worry. In my work, you can find a lot of denunciation and poetry at the same time.

I find fascination in the process of creating 3D lace. This whole process is a big complex. After numerous stitches, the preparation of mold can start. When I am happy with the shape, I use starch or some type of epoxy to harden it. If necessary, I knit some parts. Then work on lace can start, and believe me, it takes all my soul.

I do not feel that I work as a lacemaker. It is hard to explain my feelings during the creative process, but I would probably best explain it this way. It is like a piece of artwork gets inside me, and I get inside it.

My artistic way is taking me more and more to express through the shape and tissue. And my biggest dream is to exhibit my work in "La luz de Jesus" LA. I will continue to dream because "what is life? A frenzy. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a fiction, and the greatest good is small; that all life is a dream and dream.....dreams are "- Calderon de la Barca ( Spanish baroque writer) Currently, I am teaching at Vigo School of Arts and Crafts.

Marian Nunez

If you are interested in Marian's art, please visit her Instagram...

Instagram: @marianlilu

behance: marianlilu

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