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Desert Rose Journey to Cappadocia

Dynamics, liveliness, but also the stability and strength of rocks. To transmit the joy and mystery that I lived there, the essence of my perception, my interaction with Cappadocia.

With the sounds of the rhythmic tapping of my bobbins, my soul moved back into the mysterious area, and on the cord, the lace began to live its own story. I was 16 when we were discussing Byzantine art in Cappadocia in an art history class. The landscape enchanted me. I was fascinated by the shapes of rocks. The houses hollowed into them. I was impressed by the surrealistic atmosphere of this place, its rawness, and its beauty.

I studied travel, historical, and art books about this place and dreamed that once I will travel here, I will inhale this atmosphere, energy and touch these rocks.

Last year, when my husband and I wondered where we were going this time, Standa said. Why not Cappadocia?

The landscape has surpassed all my expectations. It is really impossible to describe its beauty and atmosphere with words of how to describe something that seems unreal, Emmental-like rocks, dust, the smell of desert grass, the subtle shades of color that change every hour of the day. How to describe this experience in imperfect words?

After all, even the best photograph will not capture the energy of this place. We spent over a week in Goreme ( tourist center of Cappadocia). We have been lucky. We could sleep in a rock hotel. Our room was hollowed out in a rock. It was a very unusual experience. People have lived here in earlier history; these hard conditions, harsh winters, hot summers, and incredibly strong spiritual energy radiate from nature. What were their lives, their stories? All this you can hear when you listen quietly is inscribed in this region.

How else could I convey my feelings, my experience, then by weaving it into lace?

I chose the red tones because they correspond to the energy of Cappadocia. My intention was to capture the intersection of spaces, The Desert Rose Lace reflects all my feelings, experiences,, and spiritual knowledge of this mystical landscape.


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